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QMW - Company Overview
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Rich History

Ron Lubke founded Quality Metal Works in September of 1983, after receiving an Agricultural Engineering Degree from Western Illinois University and spending 12 years as Project/Chief Engineer for three mid-sized manufacturing companies. He developed most of what Quality Metal Works markets because he was aware of farmers' direct need for those products.

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Agricultural Breakthrough  

In 1984, Ron started the weed wiper area of the business, with Quality Metal Works building carts that were compatible with Speidel Applicator® brand weed wipers.  Since then, the business has expanded to include a full line of weed wiping equipment, including ATV Mounting Brackets.

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Growth and Partnership

In 1998, Quality Metal Works moved to a larger facility due to steady business growth. The following year, Quality Metal Works purchased the Speidel Applicator® business and began manufacturing wick applicators.


Scott Dailey serves as the owner at Quality Metal Works. He has worked alongside Ron for over 11 years and has a passion to create lasting relationships with every customer.

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