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At QMW, we have such a deep-rooted commitment to manufacturing high-quality products that we felt we had no choice but to put "Quality" at the front of our name. Below you will see our current product lineup; all of which are made in the USA using high-grade steel and assembled with precision and care. We recommend
that you consider our world-famous Speidel Applicator® brand weed wiper.
Our reasonably diverse selection of wicks, carts, and mounts are used nationwide in hay, pasture, row crop, tree farm, sod farm, and specialty farm.

The Speidel Applicator®

wick 3.png

Wiper Mounts

6 feet - 20 feet

Mount our wipers to your existing machinery! We produce both ATV/UTV mounting brackets as well as loader mounts.

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Wiper Cart.png

Wiper Carts

10 feet - 46 feet

Cover more ground with one of our carts! All weed wiper carts come with the correlating Speidel Applicator® units.


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Weed Wiper.png


10 inches - 30 feet

The wicks can be purchased by themselves or bundled with carts or mounts of various sizes.

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