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"How much herbicide will a wick hold?"
Approximately one gallon of herbicide/water mix per 5' of wick

(i.e. 10' holds approx. two gallons).




"Can I pick up my order myself?"
Absolutely! You can pick up your order at our warehouse. Owner Scott Dailey will help organize and arrange a meeting location. We also bring a wide variety of our products to farm shows for you to choose from.  And if you order in advance, we may even be able to bring your order to the show for pickup, depending on size. We also ship all over the USA as well as internationally.




"Are there any safety precautions for using my weed wiper?"
Yes.  Read and follow all instructions carefully before using the Speidel Applicator®.  Read and follow all instructions on the herbicide label.  Always use protective clothing as recommended by the herbicide manufacturer.

"Do I need a tank for my wick?"

Nope! No tanks are needed! 

Do I need to buy anything else?

No, when you buy a loader mount, it is complete with everything you need minus chemicals to start killing those pesky weeds,


"What if I cause damage to the canvas/wick?"

Our quality canvas material is meant to last and is difficult to tear. However, if you have caused damage to the material, we have a DIY kit available for purchase that can solve the problem. The wicks are specifically designed to give you years of dependable performance. 


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